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Arctic cat jag wont start?

1979 arctic cat jag wont start. it ran 5 min before then it started to act like it was running out of gas then it stoped running. i checked for spark but there was none. hope someone can help me|||sounds like your C.D.I. box is bad. have you tried new plugs?

Arctic cat 2008 f5 snowmobile can?

I am looking for a can for my Arctic cat 2008 F5. I have not had any luck in finding one. So do you know what website I could look at?|||Try Jaws or Dynoport...

If you're looking for an aftermarket can, you usually can't get them through Dennis Kirk or the like, you have to go straight through the manufacturer. We've been lucky and found both our cans on ebay for much less than retail, so try there too! Good luck!

What do you think of Arctic Cat ATVs?

they arn't my favorite.|||I think they're great for rock crawling because of the very high ground clearance and i like the new thundercat because of the 1000cc engine but the speed isnt so great. They're very heavy machines and they dont handle the best either. The race machines I really dont have an opinion on those.|||The people at the parts counter probably hate them - the parts diagrams are difficult to view :-)

I hate working on the engines - they're not mechanic friendly.

They do what they're made for.

So from an owners point of view, they're OK machines.|||anything IS BETTER THAN A POLARIS

The Arctic Cat's use Suzuki Engines, 400-500-700 cc utility|||They are slightly better than a Polaris.

Bart, they are barely better

I need a nose piece for a 95 arctic cat jag does anyone know where i can find in for lower then 120 dollors?

if you need a picture of what it looks like ask for it and the part number is 0616-381|||I'm looking for the same part. The cheapsest I found was $164, here's the link

Does anyone know when the Skidoo and Arctic Cat snowmobiles were invented? I'?

I'm doing a research paper on the snowmobile and am having a hard time finding the dates for which those two snowmobiles came about. I have the year for when the Polaris snowmobile came out, just can't find the year for the other two. I greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to help me out on this one! Thank you so much!!|||Skidoo 1959鈥?/a>

Arctic Cat 1955-1962 first known as Polar Manufacturing.In 1962, after its inaugural year of business, Polar Manufacturing was renamed Arctic Enterprises, Inc.

1955: Pete Peterson commissions 'gas-powered' sled from Hetteen Hoist and Derrick.

1958: Snowmobiles become primary business of Hetteen Hoist and Derrick, later renamed Polaris Industries.

1960: Hetteen sells controlling interest in Polaris Industries.

1961: Hetteen moves operations to Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and founds Polar Manufacturing Company.

1962: Polar Manufacturing is renamed Arctic Enterprises, Inc.; Arctic Cat 100, the first front-engined sport sled, is introduced.

1969: Annual sales reach $21.7 million.

1970: Arctic Enterprises acquires Silverline Inc. of Moorhead, Minnesota.

1977: Lund Boat Company is acquired.

1981: Sales plummet and bankers call Arctic Enterprises' $48.5 million in loans; company files for bankruptcy.

1983: Arctco, Inc. is founded by Edgar Hetteen and investors.

1990: Arctco, Inc. goes public.

1993: Company enters personal watercraft industry.

1996: Company produces the first of its all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); Arctco changes its name to Arctic Cat Inc.

1997: Arctic Cat opens a distribution center in Bucyrus, Ohio.

1999: Arctic Cat closes its Personal Watercraft Division.

1962: Birth of Arctic Cat

Polar Manufacturing opened its doors on January 2, 1961, and initially manufactured electric steam cleaners and a device to kill insects called 'Bug-O-Vac' to raise enough money to begin snowmobile production in earnest. The first snowmobile, the 'New Polar 500,' was completed by the end of the year and marketed as a utility model for use by forestry, power and light, telephone, and oil exploration companies. Although Hetteen had wanted to develop snowmobiles as a recreational product nearly from the outset of his involvement with the machines, he knew he needed to develop a need for snowmobiles before he could begin to inspire a desire for them. In 1962, after its inaugural year of business, Polar Manufacturing was renamed Arctic Enterprises, Inc.. That year it introduced the red 'Arctic Cat 100,' the first front-engined sport sled in the United States, which Hetteen referred to as the 'Tin Lizzie.' Concurrent with the introduction of the Arctic Cat 100, a distribution network was established to carry the machine to distant markets, as Hetteen had always hoped. Although the New Polar 500 had been the first model produced, the Arctic Cat 100 represented the beginning of an era for both Arctic Enterprises and snowmobile enthusiasts across the country, ushering in a new winter sport and launching the Arctic Cat tradition.D|||Jamaica mon.

Edit: Sorry I wasn't wearing my glasses. I thought you said where. I have no idea when these two companies started making snow mobiles.|||Ski-Doo - 1959

Not sure on arctic cat.

Where can I find the engine diagram for a 79 arctic cat jag?

google it

26" ITP Mudlites or 26" Interco Swamplites on my 550 arctic cat ATV?

hello, i am having trouble deciding on rather to go with 26" ITP Mudlites or 26" Interco Swamplites on my 550 arctic cat ATV? any suggestions?|||swamplites are a better tire

26" ITP Mudlites or 26" Interco Swamplites on my 550 arctic cat ATV?

hello, i am having trouble deciding on rather to go with 26" ITP Mudlites or 26" Interco Swamplites on my 550 arctic cat ATV? any suggestions?|||The 26'' Swamplites go good on mine bro...

Are the newer arctic cat atvs pretty good?

My cousin just recently got one and I was wondering if it will last a good while because I might get one in the future|||indeed, a nice breed.

and special ... I never had a cat nourishing on gas - so I am quite unable to give you any further information about that specific breed.

Maybe you will re-ask your question in cars and transportation;_y鈥?/a>

I am pretty sure the guys over there are more experienced on cats feeding on gas.

Does anyone know where to buy 1974 VIP Panther Arctic Cat snowmobile side decals and rear shroud?

hey there i cannot find 1974 VIP Panther side decals anywhere as well as a rear shroud...can someone please please help me??|||Justine,

I'm not well-connected in the snowmobile scene so I don't have a great suggestion of where to look for those decals, but I do have an alternate suggestion instead of trying to find what sounds like a needle in a haystack (or pile of snow, if that's more appropriate here).

If you know the look and or measurements of the decals you need, you can make them yourself quickly and easily online at

Enter the dimensions you need for the decal(s); and then customize text, colors, and artwork to your liking. And most orders placed before 3pm EST ship the next day!

Good luck with the snowmobile and the decals!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

- Andy at Speedy Signs

I have a 97 arctic cat and it won't start. When i pulled the sparkplugs...?

When i pulled the spark plugs to see if its getting spark a gread amount of gas comes out it almost looks like its watered down. Soes a jet ski mix water in the cylinder or could it be because the gas tank has bad gas in which could be a big reason why it wont start.|||Start with some fresh gas , new plug , and air filter.

Am I better off buying a 1997 Arctic Cat Monte Carlo 1000 for $1500 or a 1996 polaris SL900 for $1000?

the 1997 Actic Cat comes with a double trailer and the Polaris comes with a single trailer.|||How many hours / miles are on them? If it is roughly the same, I would go with the Polaris.

Whats the correct jetting for an arctic cat 700?

I have an older style 700 motor with twin pipes and air filters.. its constantly flooding out no matter what size jets i have in it.. it currently has 45 pilot and 310 main jets. 44mm mikuni round slide..|||Call your local dealer and they should be able to get the correct size of jet. Make sure that your plugs are the right heat range also.|||It sounds a little fat, but make sure the enrichners are adjusted properly. Then start jetting it.

Arctic cat tz1 darting problem?

I have a 2009 arctic cat tz1 touring snowmobile with a bad darting problem, any suggestions?|||Icy trails, powdery trails? What kind of skis? how are your carbides? how many studs in the track? is your track adjusted right? How are your stop straps? Any broken shock mounts? Are the skis aligned right, at least close to Parallel? steering linkage good? Could potentially be lots of things

Is a 2008 Arctic Cat 400 a good ATV?

What is its top speed?

Does it have good acceleration?

Does it handle deep mud/water well?|||yes its a good one

the Arctic Cat 400 has the exact same engine as the Suzuki Eiger, its a Suzuki engine made by Suzuki, but the Arctic Cat has a different frame and more features such as independent rear suspension.

top speed is around 55 mph

good acceleration, yes the gear drive model does, the full automatic doesn't

yes, it handles deep mud, but don't go thru deep water with the full automatic model.

just don't buy a Polaris, Polaris is junk, its so bad Polaris Dealers even refuse to work on them

My 1994 Arctic Cat wildcat 700 EFI snowmobile will start and run but the track will not move.?

Even under torque it smokes really bad but the track still will not move but will move when the motor is not running|||Sounds like the clutch isn't engaging. Do you have the proper sized belt?

Whats the top speed on a 1995 arctic cat zr 580 efi snowmobile?

wondering top speed and 0-60 time also maybe horsepower thnaks!|||you might see 100 or 105

Where do you place the winch solenoid on a 2008 arctic cat 400 4x4?

I am not sure but you can google it...

Arctic cat 300 engine compatibility?

i am looking for an engine for my 2002 arctic cat 300 4x4, what years of this engine will fit. or what website can i find this information at.|||00 01 02 03 04 all of the motors are the same for as the mounting of everything so if you could not find a 300 you could go sizes up or down long as it is 4x4 and air cooled hope this helps

How many horsepower does a 1996 Arctic Cat 580 EXT snowmobile have?

roughly around 70HP

What is worth more a 2005 yamaha YZ 450 is decent condition or a 04 Arctic Cat DVX 400 in decent condition?

the dirt bike is always worth more, used atvs dont sell|||the atv is always worth more, used dirt bikes don't sell

1995 arctic cat 580 with reverse wont go forward?

yeah so we were on the trail the other day and it just stopped it would only go in reverse when you tried going forward itd go a lil then just stop any ideas?|||The power goes to the Gear box .If it goes in reverse the clutch is engaging so the problem is in the gear box,more than likely the forward gear

How do i clean and take apart the power valves on my 02 zr600 arctic cat?

I would have to type all day to tell you. so you don't mess it up get a mechanics manual and take your time.

Does anyone know where i could get a wiring diagram for a 1988 arctic cat jag 340 with electric start. It woul

it would probably hav to be aftermarket or get the manual from some1 u know that has one

I have a 1999 arctic cat 4 wheeler and it will push start but wont electric start i checked the spark

and i checked the gas and i am getting gas what is wrong |||Have the battery load tested most likely this is your problem.|||Check your starter solenoid , chances are you are not getting voltage to the coil during the crank cycle , or you have a defective ign switch

I a 2007 arctic cat cf 600 and it has no low end its efi and the mid is great and the top end is grat also it?

i put a new belt on with no difference wonder if pipe a canister would help or if the power vavles are dirty?|||yeah take it back to the dealer and get it fixed. how long is the snow gonna stick around for anyway. good luck|||you need the CVT clutch rebuilt, new weights and springs

How much horsepower does a 2001 Arctic Cat ZR 120 have?

I am wondering about it...|||like, 5, give or take.

i think. :)

Arctic Cat M8 vs. Polaris Dragon 800 which is better and why?

I am currently stuck between the Arctic Cat M8 and the Polaris Dragon 800 in trying to decide which sled I want to ride next season. I am in utah and ride at high elevations. I love the powder and nothing is better then doing a deep turn. Which one has better balance and power to go deep but still get me upright. I do hill climb and high mark also so I still want a long track. I also like higher handlebars because I am large man. Any extra knowledge that people have will be helpful.|||First of all, the Dragon 800 is available in height 49.5 inches (125.7 centimeters). I am unsure of the height of the Arctic Cat, but most of the specs are here:鈥?/a>

The Dragon 800 information is here:鈥?/a>

The track width of the Arctic Cat is 15 inches, but the width is not stated for the Polaris Dragon 800.|||ARRRRR! Im a Dragon! Go with the better looking one. You can get girls to do it on them|||Artic Cat M8..know alot of people who love them!

Who has a used Arctic Cat Crossfire they would like to sell?

1. In Minnesota

2. preferably a 2006 - 700cc

3. not totally used up, and

4. realistically priced!|||I dont know the answer but Atleast I have seen your question so give me best answer 10 points I am respecting you sir and also I have given you a thumbs up.

How steep a hill can a Arctic Cat Prowler 700 climb?

in the owners manual will say some place or google it.|||You'll find out when your Prowler tips over backwards. Make sure that you've got enough roll-over protection to save your curious self when it flops over on it's back! Also have some help handy to get you out and to turn it over because they're heavy machines. Then you'll know the answer to your question.

Which to buy polaris indy 440 xcr or arctic cat prowler 440?

i have the choice of a polaris indy with 88 studs and a Arctic cat prowler with none both cost 1000 which is your preference and why is there any problems i should look out for in these machines|||Polaris for sure,.

I have a 1995 arctic cat 580 ext snow mobile with aftermarket reverse, anyone know how to fix or have manual?

1995 arctic cat ext 580 snow machine with aftermarket reverse, the reverse is causing it to go out of gear when you are going forward, but when you press on the brake it goes back into gear. what can i do? anyone have a manual i can buy or know how to fix?|||yep|||no sorry,,ask the dealer|||You should find a book on the internet, or go where you bought it and ask for info on how to get a book. Good luck %26amp; good findings.

Can anyone tell me about a 1998 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600 snowmobile, I am thinking of buying one.?

The guy wants 1200 with 1400 miles, very reasonable offer it is, however, i know nothing of this type of sled-or arcitc cats in general (I have always ran Polaris). I do know that it is a twin cylinder 600 and am not sure if EFI or carburated. Please let me know, i cant really find much info or reviews on this sled. Thanks|||i have had two artic cats and they both had suzuki engines. They run great one of mine is a 1995 with about 6000 miles and never had to replace anything. $1200 for the 600 is a fair price especially with the low miles the sled has. Trips up north over a weekend can put nearly 300 miles a day easy. I'd say the sled is in excelent shape. I just bought a 2001 indy 550 with 2000 miles for $1500.|||If you always ran Polaris stick with them. You will not be happy with anything else|||Since you're not familiar with them, check around for shops in your area to see if they service, or can get parts for Arctic Cats.

Some regions they're not that popular.

Arctic Cat's are as dependable as the next brand.

I have a 2000 Arctic Cat 250 2x4, and its not charging at all, What should i do?

i have cleaned an greased all the connectors.|||You need to charge the battery first.

These small batteries sitting too long will go bad and then

the plates in the battery end up sulfated making it even harder to charge.

Regardless, remove the battery %26amp; let your charger work on it for a couple days, then test it in the machine.

Pull the machine up close to white wall to see headlight shining on it.

As you rev the engine, does the light get brighter?

If so, this is very cool, and the alternator works.

If no change, then it could be a connection is gunked up,

or it needs a rectifier.

If machine is getting deep into mud %26amp; water, this might need more deeper looking for corrosion.

How do you check the oil on a 2001 arctic cat 400 4x4 and how much does it hold?

On the right side of the engine is the oil level sight window.

It's round, clear, about 1" in diameter.

Procedure to check the oil level -

Start and run the engine for a few minutes - to allow the oil to circulate

throughout the engine.

Stop the engine and let it rest for a few minutes - to allow the oil to settle

to the bottom of the crankcase.

The oil level should cover 1/2 - 3/4 of the oil level sight window.

Add or drain oil as necessary.

I have an arctic cat wildcat 700 efi (1995)-my friend gave me a tony stewart 2007 cab from his machine. Can I?

modify it to fit on my old 95 sled? Its very nice orange shiny cab form a sick machine....can i make it fit ?

it seems to be very different. Can it happen?|||It can happen.You will need decent fabrication skills.

Do I Have Speedracks on my arctic cat atv?

it is a 2005 artic cat 400 vp with out irs but with 4wheel drive and an automatic tranny.|||Probably not. The SpeedRack system has a SPEEDRACK decal on them. Also they came usually on the FIS models. One more clue. Go to the Arctic Cat website鈥?/a> and go to the catalogs at the bottom of the page. The catalogs are PDF files so you can increase the view magnification to see detailed photos of what a speedrack looks like.

I just bought a 2005 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 Auto. Is it normal to keep it in 4 wheel at all times?


Front wheel engagement should be used for road use and high speed cruising. That for stability and handling, steering etc.

Four wheel use is really for poor terrain, snow and should not be used at high speeds like cruising, unless your in a desert perhaps.|||I have several 4X4 ATV's

There is no reason to keep your unit in a 4x4 mode all the time. Your just increasing the wear on the front end.

If you are having an issue getting it out of the 4X4 mode need to take it in for service.

Since it is now about three years old, not a bad idea to do that anyway.|||if it has a selector for 4x4 or 2x4 on it .........when you are on hard flat surfaces such as dirt roads, paved roads, fields and such use the 2x4 mode . this improves the handeling , manuverability ,speed and overall ride of your quad .

4x4 should only be used in places where traction is in question . steep hills , loose or rocky soil etc.

remember that when it is 4x4 that the front wheels are not only steering but pulling at the same time and can cause the quad to take sudden jumps off of rocks , logs , stumps etc. so keep your speed down to keep from fliping or rolling it.

My Arctic Cat 1990 Jag AFS says 88 octane minimum. I have been running 89 octane. Can i switch to 87?

all gas station by me have the 10% ethanol. but that doesn't bother it at all.|||my old sled says to run premium and the only thing ran in it is regularr|||minimum 88 octane doesn't mean less than 88 octane so no you shouldn't use 87 octane, 88 or higher is what it calls for.

What type of seals are used in arctic cat snowmobiles?

r they power seals, labyrinth, ring, rubber lip,or cone?|||I'm guessing you are talking about the cylinder head gaskets?? if so they are o-rings made of rubber. the crank seals are also rubber but they are lip type. hope this is what you are looking for

Arctic cat dvx 250 2006 model?

im thinking of getting an arctic cat dvx 250. just wondering if its a good bike. i am planning on using it for the trails... they can get pretty muddy so would this be a good bike for that. i dont want an expensive bike and we found some at a good price. any opinions would be apreciated.|||if your your going with arcticcat for trail riding you would be better off on a arcticcat utility atv|||But your a lady!!! so should be doing ladie like things, like shopping for clothes and make-up etc etc etc|||To be on the safe side - install a winch kit.|||WHO DOESN'T LIKE A DIRTY GIRL??? ;) the DVX is a OK machine. i think the automatic is OK but they should have a sporty model with manual or semi. i would look at a Kawasaki prairie 360 you can have 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive. it has high and low ranges and is in the same price range used, the motor is good for low end and mid ranges which makes it good for plowing pulling and trail riding. if a 360cc is too big for you then look at a 250ex/x its has semi and manual shift on it. so you can practice using a clutch. it will still have more power than the DVX. good luck.

How much does a arctic cat sno pro 440 weigh?

i need to know the weight of a 2005 arctic cat sno pro 440|||"Arctic Cat claims the dry weight of the 2005 Sno Pro 440 is 429 lbs"


I have an 94 arctic cat 580, anyone know how to wire it?

i got this snowmobile but it wont spark because the wiring is not right. can Anyone tell me how to do this or show mea diagram of what it should look like? Thanks.|||If you e-mail me i can send you an electrical schematic........ 92%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;. 94 best of the 580's .....keep it...... Daryl

Why does my 200 Arctic cat 440 Z, Fan Cooled, single carb sled run great when it is cold but when it warms up?

Carb is set to rich unless you are using the choke when it is cold, then the carb is set too lean. Be carefull about leaning it out, it is easy to burn a hole in a piston.|||I blew a piston a couple of years ago, I have had my mechanic adjust the carb, also replaced the crank seal, Any other suggestions?

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Arctic cat no spark? What could be the problem?

Was driving and I stopped then it stalled. Now it has no spark. What could be the problem?

It's an arctic cat 2000 zl esr 580|||Im not an expert on snow mobiles but if its a gasoline engine, check the spark plugs for damage, cracks, fouling, wear.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I just bought a 1994 arctic cat puma deluxe and there was ice in the gas tank?

i got it out and i have since put a new fuel filter and fuel pump and checked all the fuel lines it seems like it wants to start but gas wont get to engine fast enough to keep the sled going what do i do to fix that?|||Ice in the tank means water in the gas pump or a open fuel cap.

Best thing to do is a complete fuel system cleaning.

the pump weather its electrical or mechanical might need to be cleaned or replaced

My arctic Cat has trouble starting?

My arctic CAT ATV has trouble starting after it has been running for a while and when the fan kicks on. I hit the starter and have to push in on the trottle to get it started. Like I said only after it pulls heavy loads or is getting a good workout. We use it for farm activities. Every once in a while when it hard to keep it runing it will back fire and then start up? What do I need to look at or do?|||it sounds like a carburetor issue. try to tune it up, your idle sounds like its set low. then when you push the throttle while starting, it is probably loading it with fuel then abruptly combusting, causing it to backfire. it starts after because the system is "cleared" and new fuel is allowed to do the same. I'd say tune it up...and it is probably running really rich, and you may be flooding it when you're pulling those loads and giving it more gas, in my own opinion|||MY POLAR BEAR BIGGER|||if there's an automatic choke on it that might be faulty or if its injection it could be the cold start injector

Lights on 2003 Arctic Cat 400 ATV Do Not Work?


The lights on my 2003 arctic cat 400 do not work. All the fuses are fine. There is no power to the light housing at all. The High Beam light on the dash does not come on when the switch is on. If anyone knows of something that could have came unpluged that would be great if you will let me know.

Thanks|||Check with a test light for power at the switch.If no power check the wiring harness for a broken or disconnected power source.|||Check the relay for the lights.

Why will my 1977 arctic cat jag 340 run wide open great but trys to stall out if i let off?

after it stalls if i again hold it wide open and pull it over a few times it will run again (but only wide open)|||the idle/low speed jet inside the carburetor is plugged up|||fouled plugs is the most likely answer. could be clogged air filter clogged fuel jets but most likely fouled plugs.

1994 Arctic cat wildcat 700 snowmobile dies after 3 seconds?

It will start every time and run for about 3 seconds. The battery is gone only way i can get it to work is on the charger and battery will hold 0 charge without charger on it. So does the gas get pumped into the engine electrically? Is there a chance that the battery isn't allowing the gas to be pumped in because it cant hold enough charge? What do you guys think is wrong? carbs?|||replace battery|||As the battery is stuffed,why not renew it %26amp; see if that cures it?

Can anyone tell me about an 1998 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600?

The guy wants 1200 with 1400 miles, very reasonable offer it is, however, i know nothing of this type of sled-or arcitc cats in general (I have always ran Polaris). I do know that it is a twin cylinder 600 and am not sure if EFI or carburated. Please let me know, i cant really find much info or reviews on this sled. Thanks|||It is one of the finest snow utensils on the market. Generally, the twin cylinders alternate at a rapid pace to equalize torque on the engine, resulting in a smooth, pleasing ride. When sitting in idle, the vibration of the instrument translates to a pleasing sensation in the loins. $1,200 is a steal for this kind of fun!

Can you rehone a 1972 arctic cat chrome lined cylinder?

slight ring wear on bore rering|||You can hone Arctic Cat cylinders but only with a flex ball hone. If you use a rigid hone your cylinder is going to be toast. I've honed hundreds of cat cylinders (kawi and suzi motors).

If you have aluminum stuck to it from a seized piston, you can remove it with muric acid (the stuff from swimming pools).

You can get a ball hone on ebay or any snowmobile dealer will have them.||| have to re-sleeve it since it is crome|||ok|||yes u can and go 25 over on the hone the cylinder and if not the dolphins went un defeated...|||No, you need to get a new sleeve|||If you don't require an over hone (notice I didn't say bore), have an engine machine shop touch it up on a Sunnen honing machine. They now have stones near near 1000 grit range. A couple of very light passes should save it for you. I remember saving a 1974 air cooled 440 TX Polaris which had chrome cylinders. The pistons had Dykes rings. Two new pistons (same size as originals) and she lived for many yrs. A pilot jet was plugged and she went lean and burned a piston. Possibly you could find un-chromed cast iron sleeves as replacements if needed. In today's world you can buy .005 over pistons if you have a snowmobile motor with steel or cast iron liners. No boring needed. A Sunnen honing machine can get you within 1/10 of one thousandth and they shine up like hard chrome.|||I doubt it. If you hone a chromed cylinder, you will scrape the chrome out of it. I do not know anyone that has tried this, but that would be my opinion.


Which is better yamaha or arctic cat snowmobiles?

I want to know because i will be buying one this winter|||Arctic Cat makes good snowmobiles, but if you don't mind spending the extra money - Yamaha is a better quality and has better performance.

Another thing to take into consideration is parts availability.

Yamaha is a popular brand and you can order parts from anywhere.

To get Arctic Cat parts, you have to order them from an Arctic Cat dealer and they are scarce - not very good when riding far from home in another state.

Parts ordering isn't a fun experience (order mix-ups, wrong parts sent, back orders) LOL|||Yamaha is pretty good. I've never heard of the second one but I am familiar with Yamaha.|||I have had both brands and they are equally as good in performance and reliability. If you are located in an area that is good for snow / snowmobiling parts shouldn't be a problem.

If you plan to by new - then I would go with the Yamaha, but if you plan to buy used, then I would consider both, based on the model, condition, etc. All of the top brands are good if taken care of and maintained properly.

Just make sure you get the model for they type of riding you do. Powder, track / snocross, touring, etc. It makes a big difference. You wouldn't want a powerful powder sled on a touring trip and you couldn't take a touring sled in the deep powder.

Arctic cat 250, 2001 how much is it worth?

I have an arctic cat 250

It's in great condition. Runs well and such I just don't use it anymore.

Anyone have an idea of the price i could sell it for?

Thanks =)|||Check out comparables:…

I have just purchased a 1997 Arctic Cat Monte Carlo 1000 and when i started it up it blows white smoke.?

This jet ski has been sitting inside the previous owner garge for two years before he sold it to me. He also advised me to mix the oil and gas inside a 5 gallon gas can 2:1 then into the machine don't use the oil reserve. Also should I use synethic 2:1.|||Two stroke engines do smoke white smoke after sitting for a long time.Synthetic oil is good and play it safe and mix 40 parts gas and 1 part oil or 40:1

Need to know if there is a website in which i can find the electrical diagram for a 1998 arctic cat powder spl?

I need to find a website that has the electrical diagram for a 1998 arctic cat powder special 600 efi.. or if someone can help me with color codes for all the electrical wireing|||Here are manuals that has diagrams if you can't find one online!鈥?/a>

What kind oil do you use in the chain case of 93 Arctic Cat 550 snowmobile?

will i would use the Arctic Cat chain case oil from the dealer, it is the best chain case oil for your snowmobile. It is synthetic and will hold up the best.

How do you remove the clutch assembly to replace the bushings in a 2007 arctic cat M8?

tried pulling and unscrewing the spider off the shaft, just wondering if its threaded onto the shaft or is it pressed, was able to remove the inner 12pt bolt that rides inside the shaft. if someone knows of a site that explains how many thanks|||to much detail for this forum, get your self a repair manual to save a lot of grief.

Snowmobile knowledge? 92 Arctic Cat Wildcat 700 with reoccurring air bubbles at one carburetor?

I replaced the fuel line thinking it was cracked but the air bubbles come from the carb itself? the other carb does not do this and of course it is creating a lean side for first 10 minutes then the air is gone. till engine is shut off air fills in the line again?|||Air in the lines is normal and do not have any effect on how it runs. Air will seek the highest point and remain there. Yes, the air comes from the carb and not the tank. The carb is vented. Your carb only needs enough fuel to fill the bowl and keep it filled.

Only fuel injected machines use a pressurized fuel system.

If you have a lean condition, it is not from this but could be from a dirty or varnished carb.|||As a general rule if bubbles form in the carb, my suggestion would be the service both carbs. Its possible that the gasket between the top and bottom of the carb has failed allowing air to be sucked into the fuel bowel.


Arctic Cat Thundercat 950cc Quad. Anyone know when it will be available in UK please?

I'm considering getting one and have never owned this make before. Anyone know what it is like? Build quality etc.

How does this make compare to Honda (currently have a Rincon 680)?

Thanks|||Unless you're a farmer, why does anyone want such ridiculous machines|||Arctic Cats suck. I would never buy one. 950ccs is too much power. may i suggest a can-am outlander 800.|||ha ha ha

1000 cc ATV

ha ha ha !

when will it stop? will ATV's keep getting bigger and bigger?

will someone come out with a 1200 or 1600 cc ATV next year?

It seemed like only yesterday the biggest ATV you could get was 350-400 cc

I own a 400cc 4x4 ATV and it has enough power and speed that I would ever need.

I mean you ride an ATV off road under rough and muddy conditions, does anybody need to go 100 mph?

How can i make my 1993 arctic cat wildcat 700 faster?

looking for ways to make it faster preferablly cheap and easy thanks!|||clutch it and pipe it change air filter |||Nitrous oxide. It's cheap and easy. And quick. Really quick.|||Losing weight is the easiest way.

How can i make my 2005 arctic cat 250 exhaust louder.?

I have an 250cc Arctic cat atv and I want to make it louder it has alright power i just want to make it louder. I am 14 and I am a great mechanic.|||the #1 threat to our riding areas is loud exhaust.if you are a responsible rider, you already know that.if you are a "great mechanic", you already know that it will only have a negative affect on performance. are you a great engineer? then leave it alone.|||Buy a new sport exhaust,or if you cant afford it you can Always take the baffles out witch i don't recommend because it will defiantly hurt your ears lol

What size/diameter is the fuel line on a 2003 Arctic Cat 400 4x2?

Need to replace|||2.5m


I have a 1988 arctic cat wildcat and am getting bout 22 miles to the tank.?

I feel like this is not right at all. Wanna know if anyone else has or had a 88 wildcat and what you got miles wise per tank.|||clean air filter and carb if thats not it change the jets also retuning may help alot

I have a old Arctic-cat snowmobile with a 436 Kawasaki. I need a web site that has diagrams for the carburetor

Some of the carburetor has been torn down. I think I have almost all the peaces to it. I just need a little help finding out what the two little tubes hanging down from the carb do, or where they go. As of now when it is running gas dumps out of them, all over everything.

Thanks for any help you can put my way.|||go to theres all kinds of diagrams there for that stuff|||This is more of a motorcycle question. sounds like overflow tubes and the float is not working.

How much does the 2009 or 2010 Arctic Cat M8 with a 153" track weigh?

I looked on and they give every spec except total weight.|||No total weight to be found,sorry..

What is the sequence of pushing the buttons that brings up the total mileage on a 2007 arctic cat 250 atv?

Owner's Manual is a great reference,that's all i can think of short of phoning the MFG Company.Good luck!|||ABCDEFG12345678 lol jk i have NOOOO idea what you are talking about

My arctic cat exhaust is glowing red. is this normal?

hey guys, i have a 2003 arctic cat 500 4x4 and i have noticed the exhaust glowing red every time i ride it. im wanting to know if this is normal or not. it runs great, the issue does not seem to affect performance or anything else, and it does not run hot. any info. will be helpful. THANKS!!|||Or it is running rich! I've seen where the choke was left on causing the pipe to glow red. In this instance it is caused by unburnt gasoline exiting the cylinder and continuing to burn in the exhaust pipe, heating it up and making it glow. Either way, rich, lean or valve issues it needs to be addressed. You say it is not running hot but this continued combustion after ignition is slowly cooking your exhaust valve and cylinder head. that will cost cubic dollars to fix. Best to verify the state of tune on the carbie, ignition timing and a compression test.|||Maybe, maybe not. First off, must 4 wheelers have a single wall header pipe rather than the typical double walled pipes used on chromed Japanese exhaust systems. The thinner the wall, the greater the chance of the metal glowing red. In addition, bikes produce the most exhaust heat when under heavy load, i.e. going fast. The faster they go, the more air flow their is to carry header pipe heat away. 4 wheelers don't go that fast and don't have the high velocity air flow going by to cool the pipe.

You don't say if you only notice this at night or during the day as well or if you're talking about a few inches from the head, where the header pipe makes a sharp turn (more likely to glow red) or further back.

Pull the spark plug and take a look at it. If it's very white or even snow white colored and the porcelain is blistered looking, then you probably have an intake leak and it's running way too lean.

Glowing red being bad? Not always. At night, I've had heavily loaded tractors cause the entire 3/16" thick cast iron exhaust manifold glow bright red, the muffler glow red where the baffles connect with the outer shell as well as 3-4 inches of fire exiting the muffler. There wasn't a thing wrong, just heavily loaded.|||No it's running lean, need to get a bigger main jet in the carb before you blow it up. that or you have dirt in the one you have causing a lean condition, either way you need to address the problem before something bad happens.|||not normal. possible clog someplace

Can i put a 1999 arctic cat 600efi engine on a 1998 arctic cat?

i have a 98 zr600 efi le and was just curious if i could just hook the 99 engine up to my engine blew and buying a used engine is probably the cheapest way to fix it. also would i have to get a different exhaust pipe or have they pretty much been the same? also would i have to get the computer and electrical for the 99 engine to work properly?|||You can do anything you put your mind to if you try hard enough.

It only depends on what the job entails %26amp; weather or not you want to put forth the effort.

If the two engines are the same the you won't have to change the brain or electrical but if they are not you may. It depends on how much difference there is between the two.|||they use the same gen. of efi so it will bolt right up:)

We have a 79 arctic cat jag 3000 free air that won't run. Has spark good compression seems to be getting fuel.

Has spark, good compression, seems to be getting fuel, if you prime it, it will run and you can drive it sometimes but it never seems to running proper. Probably missing.???|||you probably need to clean the carbs and check the fuel pump. check the fuel filter and screen in tank. If you can prime the engine and get it to run you probably have a fuel system problem. make sure that you have good new spark plugs. replace the resistor plug caps on the wires they go bad just like plugs, and can cause weak spark. they are cheap and are often overlooked by owners and mechanics alike!! ones that old need to be replaced anyway many engines that have a "miss" that no one can find are from the caps. pay particular attention to the enrichening circuit on the carb(s) as this is important to starting also check the check valve in the fuel pump. if it leaks fuel runs back down away from carb(s) and causes hard starting(have to pull many times to start)|||Sounds liek the exact sypmtoms I experienced. I had a fuel pickup in a gas tank of that vintage develop an air leak. With the tank nearly empty, I presurrized it (with my mouth) and found it was blowing air at the tank exit - the 16" pickup in the tank had rotted...replaced and much better!

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|||check your fuel lift pump it could be on it's way out|||Needs a tune up take it to dealer or good mechanic.

Where do i turn the throttle turn up and down on a my 1999 arctic cat zr 500?

im trying to turn the idle up on my sled so it will idle cause when i start it, it wont stay idling. help me.|||Get a shop manual , you will need it. More to it than just a simple turn of a screw, you need to find the cause and balance the carbs.

I need a replacement fuel tank for 1979 Arctic Cat Trail Cat?

Do you have any idea where I can find one? Or is there a current models fuel tank I can replace it with?|||Wot happen to the other one?

What company makes Arctic Cat branded ATV plows?

Thats their name Artic Cat

Real Bad As-- snowmobiles to|||arctic cat

How fast can a Arctic Cat T570 go?

Just wondering how fast a T570 can go or any 570 engine in general.|||30km,.

What is better a 99 Yamaha SX600 Snowmobile or 97 Arctic Cat ZR600 snowmobile. Thanks?

If you have the time, a little explanation can't hurt. Thanks again.|||The Yamaha SX600 is the better sled.

Suspension wise, it's a toss up. The Arctic Cat tracks better in a straight line. Both corner pretty flat, and absorb the bumps well. Neither feature "plush" ride quality, but the Yamaha should be a bit more comfortable.

The motors are pretty evenly matched. Right in the mid 90's, horsepower wise. The Arctic Cat has batteryless EFI, which is a big plus. However, the Yamaha will have a more durable, and smoother running motor.

The thing that would make me choose the Yamaha is: it has much better build quality than the Arctic Cat. The Yamaha will break less, and it is finished -much- better than the Arctic Cat.|||You will hare better long term least problems with the Yamaha, Its simply a better made machine. Spend the money, you pay what you get for in this case.

How fast does a ZR 700 Arctic Cat snowmobile go?

i got a 700 1995 it has studs. bored 30 over and clutch work. carbs are jetted too.|||im not sure about a 1995 but i know a 2000 will go 90 :P

Could power valves on an arctic cat zr 600 efi make it not run right?

my dad just bought a 2002 zr600 efi arctic cat and it has been bogging down and it isn't the spark plugs so we were wondering if it could be the power valves maybe they need to be cleaned. Please answer!!!!!|||this is motorcycle racing not snowmobile questions

Does anyone make a reverse kit for a 440 sno pro Arctic cat sled?

I have an 06 arctic cat 440z sno pro liquid and im looking to get a reverse kit for it. anybody know of any website or company that makes them? thanks|||I would think if anyone made a reverse kit, Arctic Cat would.

Call a dealer - they would know if a reverse kit will work on that model.鈥?/a>

How to fix the clutch on an arctic cat?

it is a 2002 arctic cat 800

and i dont know much about snowmobiles|||Replace it. Never heard of fixing one.|||Replacing it would be the easiest way but also very expensive. There are many serviceable parts in a clutch but specialized tools are necessary. If there are no cracked or overly worn main parts on the clutch, then an overhaul will do. The first thing I do every fall is clean the carbs and pop off the clutches and take them all apart and inspect and clean them. It makes a huge difference in how your sled works.

Does anybody have a video comparing a Arctic Cat Thundercat and the Polaris Sportsman XP 850?

I've checked youtube and google just wanting a shoot out comparison.|||no

Why does my 1975 arctic cat lynx 250 twin snowmobile backfire after its good and warm I have no power at all?

it has a new 32 mm mikuni carb it calls for a 30 mm any ideas why its doing this wgat jets should i change and richer or leaner please help me with this problem|||I'd say its too lean. Check the plugs. If they are rusty or red color, that means too lean of a mixture. What you want is a nice tan color. If they are black and sooty that means the mixture is too rich. Adjusting the airfuel mixture is more of a screw setting and not a jet change. If it runs good without breaking up at top end then don't touch the jets. You need to adjust the airfuel mixture screw. Bogging at low end means you need to adjust the slide needle.|||check your exhaust you went to a larger carb and richened your fuel mixture ( it should be 40 to 1 ) and clogged your exhaust|||Eric, field strip both Mikuni carbs. No power and backfiring is a dead giveaway that the motor is running lean. Carefully remove the pilot jets and be absolutely they are clean and clear make sure the holes are clean on the extension barrel of the pilot jets. There is a tiny number stamped on the top. It will say: 25, 30, 35, or as high as 40. By now you will have removed the slide valves. Check to see at the very top if one of the clips are missing that secure the jet needle to The top of the slide valve. Note the groove that the clip is in. To make your system richer raise the needle in the center and snap the clip lower toward the tapered end. Remove the main jets on the bottom of the float bowls. Make sure they are clean.

Make sure bith floats are light in weight and emty. pull the veedle valves out and spray through them with Berrymen carb cleaner. Make sure a float hanger is not set too low as there won't be enough avalable fuel in the float bowl to supply the main jets or the pilot jet. Douche every hole of the carbuerator. Now for the final test make sure your diaphragm fuel pump is squirting a liberal amount of fuel (without being hooked to the carbs) by pulling the recoil starter. If you are getting a week shot the fuel pump may need rebuilding with a new diaphragm kit. Make sure your impulse hoses aren't split or cracked. The impulse hoses provide vacuum and pressure to the fuel pump to make it work properly. While you're it be prepared to re-hose everything.

If all else fails do a compression check. You should see a minimum of 125 lbs. pressure. If not you may have a bad piston or rings. Remember, proper compression designates how much impulse pressure gets to the fuel pump. As I rember these motors have chrome cylinder liners and you can't re-bore them. I hppe you don't need new cylinder juggs.

How do i bypass my reverse overdrive on my 2006 arctic cat 700 its giving me problems?

Best to go to a local mechanic to do it correctly...

Where can i find stencils for the arctic cat logo?

i am looking for the arctic cat logo, the words and the cat face. PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU!! =]|||Too specific. Make your own. $ 2.00, and 20 minutes.

Is a voltage regulator for an Arctic Cat 400 ATV interchangeable with other ATV makes and models?

If it uses a permanent field alternator and the regulator simply shunts excess current to the ground, then any regulator of similiar design would work as long as you get the wiring correct. If it uses an excited field alternator, then maybe-maybe not.

Why is ARCTIC CAT sleds surpass the rest?

The new Crossfire 1000 with the F chasis why is it so hot and sweet looking yet a lake killer?|||what do you mean lake killer, any way I have a king cat 1000 and can pass cars on the hiway when I am in the ditch, I have outclimbed and gone past everyone. best sleds ever made

What arctic cat snowmobile models will interchange secondary clutches with a 1996 zr 580?鈥?/a>

Why wont the Carburetor on a 2001 Arctic cat take adjustment?

500 4x4 Suzuki motor. You can screw the adjustment screw all the way in and nothing happens... also with the air box off completely off, you can rev it to a high RPM and a mist of gasoline comes out the back of carburetor. runs a lot better with the air box off and it smokes black a little bit. any help? thanks|||You need a new seal..

Can I put any type of performance can on my 1991 Arctic Cat Jag AFS 440 Deluxe?

I was wondering if I could. Perhaps cut the pipe alittle and then weld the can in the gap? I'm not sure what I could do. Any ideas if it's possible or if it's just impossible. Thanks in advance.|||yes its possible if your a good welder but it may change your emissions|||Stinky pipe elephant booger wraps key plug spank.|||hhjhghjgbhbhbhjjn

1978 Arctic cat jag 3000 F/A hard to start. Any reason why?

Hello my arctic cat snowmobile is so hard to start after about 15 to 20 pulls it will fire up. It is really hard to start after its been ran. Please help me!!|||You are probably looking at a rebuild. that is the classic symptom of lower compression in a two stroke engine. At least it isn't that hard or expensive for a two stroker.

Where can i get a hood screen kit for a 99 Arctic Cat ZL 600 snowmobile?

I can't find any screens at all because they've been discontinued for that year. But was wondering where i can get at least a used screen kit? Any ideas where i may be able to get one???|||Well I am going to assume, that you have tried your local Arctic Cat dealer. If not, try there, first. if they cannot get it, they should be able to point you in the right direction as to where to find a hood screen kit. Also, try E bay... Make a search, for this item, and, have it saved to favorites, and, they will let you know, if one shows up. Try the other local snowmobile repair shops, as well. They may have some information, as to where you may be able to find one. Ask friends to watch for you, as well. One other place to consider, may be a junk/scrap yard... One might get hauled in, with the item, you need. I have done this before, myself. Hope this helps you some.|||depends where you are. google "used snowmobile parts", there are sled salvage shops around the country.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How do you fix handlebar-ski alignement on 2002 arctic cat snowmobile?

You have to adjust it by aligning the skis. There are tie rods near the skis that have a nut on them.Loosen the nut and spin the tie rod until you get it aligned.|||I would take it to a dealer to have them set it for you. the ski alignment on a sled is like a wheel alignment on a car. they have to be pitched a certain way along with being toed in. i'm not sure of what the dimensions need to be, but if you don't get them right it will not handle very well. i found this out on one of mine. the left ski got out of alignment and i tried to do it myself, and i had a hard time turning. so i took it to the local mechanic and he set it. It's been fine ever since.|||Well what I do is I have 2 people stand on each ski, then turn it.

Kinda like a bike.

2002 Arctic Cat TBX 500 question on engine change?

I bought a 2002 Arctic Cat TBX 500 on eBay that has alot of engine parts missing. I believe it would be easier to just replace the engine. I pretty sure a Suzuki Vinson 500 will also fit, but not 100% positive. Does anybody know what would fit and can I use a Suzuki 500 Quadmaster manual shift engine? Please help!|||contact any person who is in automobile expert.

Why can't I get a spark on my 1991 arctic cat prowler snowmobile?

It was running fine, then clunked out. I pull the chord and lights go on, but I can't get a spark.|||check coil wire and coil. just make sure you have juice to the coil as may be the switch or kill switch?

I have a arctic cat jag 3000 snowmobile and cant get it to start?

its a 78 and whenevr i try to start it it wont start but i used ether on it and it seemed to start right up but only for as long as the ether was present. i took the carbuerator off but it looks fine what good be the problem?|||with either the vapors are thinner than gas so they were pulled into the motor easier than tha gas is

it sounds like you need a good carb cleaning at least possibly a rebuild even

I just bought a 1994 arctic cat puma deluxe and done everything i possibly can think of to fix it?

i have put a fuel filter and a fuel pump on. i have cleaned the carb,i have put new plugs on. it seems like it wants to start but it does not have gas going to the engine through fuel line what do i do now?|||Your problem began from the beginning when you purchased it sorry to say but somebody got's to|||are you experienced at rebuilding carbs, or is this your first time? Sounds like your problem is most likely in the carburetor. pull the fuel line then turn the engine over to see if you are getting fuel to the carb, just be certain to direct any fuel into a catch can, Far away from your spark plugs, or you may well end up with a fire ball like you have never seen before. You can extend your fuel line completely out of the engine compartment for testing, which might be the best, this will only tell you if you are truly getting fuel to the carb. After you have resolved your fuel issues, you can check for spark, again

just be certain your fuel system is hooked back up, and No fuel laying around. Leave your new plugs in place, use another plug hooked to your plug wire, grounded to a good ground source such as the head

and again turn it over to check for spark. If this is a 2 cycle, you may be in need of an overhaul by now, as they require good compression to work properly, possibly just a ring job will do it. The reason for leaving your new plugs in place while testing for spark, is again a safety issue due to

high possibility of fire. I lit one of these once, OMG, you can't begin to imagine what a fireball I

had, scared the crap right outta me too, and I Learned%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;|||if there is no fuel flow then you got wires or plumbing mixed up.

If that is a new pump and you cleaned out or replaced everything then check for spark. If you got spark then you might have to adjust air and fuel settings. To much fuel or to much air will cause problems.

If you just replaced everything chances are you missed some fuel intake or air intake adjustments.|||Remove.


Clean or rebuild the carburetor.

It's all plugged up inside.

If it got water in it, you may need to replace it.

What is a 2006 arctic cat 500 trv 4WD worth?

It has less then 2000 miles on it and is in great condition with lots of accesories on it. He is asking for $ 6900. What do you think the lowest I could get him to is?|||5800-6000,and no more,.

How fast will a Arctic Cat M8 Go?

I was wondering because i have a rev summit 800 07. I was thinking about test riding one. I have mbrp pipe clutch kit and reeds done to it.|||With what you have done to your sled it will outrun a stock M8 no problem. The M8 will probably do about 95 stock and add a pipe, clutch kit and v force reeds it will probably break 105. The biggest problem is having a long enough and flat enough area to get it going that fast. The M8 feels like a much sturdier sled than the 08 Rev XP. I felt like the tunnel was going to break when I was riding the Rev.

How do you remove the magneto from a 79' arctic cat el tigre, do you need to use a gear puller?

You will destroy the flywheel if you use a gear puller. You must use a flywheel puller. It's a bar with a round section. A large bolt goes in the center and it has three holes that match the bolt holes in the flywheel. You insert the three 6mm bolts then tighten the large bolt and give it a tap with a hammer. Off pops the flywheel.

You can buy universal pullers from places like Dennis Kirk or any snowmobile shop. You can also build one with piece of plate steel, three small holes and a hole with a welded on nut in the center for a 1/2" bolt.

How good are Arctic Cat 4 wheelers? (More in details).?

The one im looking at is a 2005 two wheel drive. Its a 250.

Is Arctic Cat a good company? Are they safe? What kind of reviews have they gotten? I just want to know if its a good 4 wheeler and a good company to buy from.|||I have a 300 4x4 Arctic Cat that I got new in 03. I have not had a single problem! Arctic Cat has been around along time,starting out as snowmobile manufactures. There products are top of the line and they have been front leaders in innovative design. In my opinion you can't go wrong with one!!

What would be causing my 2002 Arctic cat 500 4x4 ATV to over heat?

The radiator was pretty dirty I blew the fins out with a compressor and it looks like new. I also put a new fan in. All the connections look good. Is their a relay or something that could trigger it to over heat. The fan does not come on when it overheats. I also put a new water pump and thermostat in. So what else could it be? Wheres the part located, and about how much to fix myself? Thanks|||if your fan is not coming on then there you go. fuse,relay of the fan itself is no good|||It's on heat waiting for you!

I Have a arctic cat 4 wheeler 4x4 with a gas leak under the seat?

The leak isnt coming from a crack in the tank or hose its dripping from a silver piece that you can fit a hose around. But there is no hose near it.|||Bad fuel pump.

Does it look like this?鈥?/a>

Is my clutch breaking down in my 1998 Arctic Cat?

My sled sounds like a its skipping or like a roller coaster going up a hill. It clunks and bangs.|||No, your chain is slipping on the gear in the chaincase. If you pull the drain plug you will probably see a ton of metal shavings.

Chances are you will have to replace the chain and sprockets. Make sure your tensioner is working properly.

How do you fix handlebar to ski alignment on 2002 arctic cat panther?

ski alignment is done FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE TRACK TO THE inside of the ski. if your jandle bars are that far off then you have worn out parts...there are ball joints underneath your exhaust for the steering system

Are there any other exhaust pipes that will fit a 2005 Arctic Cat 500 4x4?

Are there any other pipes that are on the left side of the atv?|||try getting on motorcycle, and check, i know for a fact that they make em tho, i know someone who had a L side exhaust atv, its was HMF

How to change oil in 250 Arctic Cat ATV?

I need to change the oil in my ATV. I cannot locate the owner's manual. Does anyone know if it has an oil filter? If so where is it located? How much oil do they hold? Do I need to remove the crankcase and remove the sludge too?|||Always give year, make, engine size and model # when asking questions. We need all of that info to give an informed answer.

A 2005 250 2x4 has an oil filter.

Make sure you get the right info before doing any work.

Don't trust everything you read here.

Purchase a shop manual before you do any damage.|||There is an oil filter.

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|||There is a drain bolt on the underside

No filter

It should have a 148cc next to the fill cap|||take it in to get it the oil change|||I hear you take old oil out and put new oil in the oil tank

How do you bypass a voltage regulator on an Arctic Cat 440 ATV?

you must have a charging system, if your bike has a computor,you risk burning it up by trying to pull start it .most bikes must have full charged battery to run, thats purpose of reg. Barry|||Why ? Bad regulator ? Want to burn out your wiring or etc..

Arctic Cat has a 1000 cc ATV, where will this end, how big is too big?

Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 H2 4x4, msrp $10,499

I believe 1000 cc's is too big for any ATV, and every year, someone makes one bigger, when wil this end? 2000 cc's?

To me a 400 cc 4x4 ATV is big and powerfull enough for anybody!|||look at bikes then, i can remember when 750 was a huge superbike, now there are 1600cc crusiers that are more closely related to 2 wheeled volkswagens.

the bloated montrosities will go the way of the dinosar and die. bike are lithe, sleek and squirty, not nearly 500kg monsters destinied to squash their owners when they try to put them on the centre stand|||tom and dick need i say more

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|||Bigger is always better when it comes to motorcycles. I am waiting till next year to upgrade my Polaris Sportsman 800 to the rumor of their 1000cc quad. I cant wait! I dont think I would ride a POS like a Artic Cat with a 1000cc motor but a Polaris I will.|||My personal thought is that you must be a democrat. You have found that a 400 is probably on the large side of what you can handle soooo anything bigger is BAD. Who really cares if they made a 2000cc quad? The manufacturers build what is requested because that's where the money is. I bet you were shocked when they offered a 175cc because it was "TO BIG".|||I built my quad out of a 1986 chevy blazer, it took me about a month and 1/2 of fabricating, but now i have a bada$$ quad


350 4 bbl

full locking 4wd

33-10.50 15 tires

custom fenders

king%26amp;queen seat from a 1977 honda GL

it's awesome, i built a roll cage for it, and i have foot straps for the floorboards in case i roll it over....

the best part is it's still titled as a 1986 chevy K5 blazer, so i just put the plates on it, and drive it wherever i want to..on or off road

(northeast ohio laws are very flex)

the downside is that the darn thing still only gets about 10 mpg|||I've been thinking of jumping on the bandwagon myself. Maybe building ones with crate engines like Boss Hoss does with their motorcycles.

I think there is a market for an ATV with a ZZ502 Big Block Chevy powering it.

Just kidding.

But seriously, if people will buy it, they will build it. It will follow the same path as motorcycles and snowmobiles. They will keep getting bigger and bigger and more expensive as long as they can sell them.

This is the key, the profit on a $10,000 ATV is a lot more than the profit on a $5000 ATV.|||a 1000cc engine is not to big at all. However that monstrous POS they stuck it in is WAY to big with an over 700 pound dry weight. And is most likely a turd to ride at that weight and size. However i'm all for a retuned for torque 1000cc sportbike inline 4 cylinder in a 475 pounds or less package. Just imagine that sucker screaming through the countryside and what it could do in a desert race with a skilled rider. And please make it available with a manual trans.

Where can i find a used arctic cat suspension?

I need a used suspension for my 2002 500 zr cross country||| or Peace.

How fast does the 2009 Arctic Cat Crossfire go?

I want one what is its top speed?|||666 mps;鈥?/a>

Would an arctic cat dvx90 be a good beginner atv for a 13 year old?

I wanted to get a 250 but my dad thinks its to big.So im looking into smaller stuff. would a dvx90 be to small or just right?|||the 90 would be ok to start with but a honda

trx250ex would be a great beginners quad.

a 250 is not to big to start with. with the 250

you would be able to ride it for at least

3 years before you would need to get a bigger one.

How long is the 1998 Arctic cat panther 440 2 up?

Need to know how long it is so i can buy a trailer|||i would say 9'...if not longer.

What is the value of a 1972 Arctic Cat Panther 340?

Runs very good, excellent condition, has been stored in a shed when not used, low miles-under 4K.|||depends on where you are,

here it would run at 800-1200.

Why does my 2004 Arctic Cat 50cc ATV keeps shutting off?

It runs for 5-10 minutes then stalls. It then becomes hard to start almost as if it is a vapor lock or it's not getting fuel. I have rebuilt the carburetor and put a new fuel filter on.|||You may have an ignition system problem. Possibly a electronic ignition module. These type of problems are difficult to determine and may actually require a not so smart piece by piece trial and error. Firstly, it may be assumed this is a temperature problem but not absolutely. I would run the machine without the air cleaner and obviously make sure there is not dirt around to suck in. Then wait for the machine to 'stall'. Quickly try to restart it. If it does not start, I would spray a small amount of starter fluid or mixed fuel into the carb and try and restart. If it tries to run then that would lead me back to the fuel system. Hopefully it will not ignite. Then that would lead back to the electrical side. Maybe you could do an ohm check on the kill switch to see if it is possibly shorting. No matter what it is discovered to be, when you find it, you will be a whole lot smarter for the next time. Hope this helps. It is my best guess.

Where are the spark plugs located at on an arctic cat 500cc 4x4 ATV?

My ATV needs new spark plugs but I can't find them on the thing! Need to know where they are exactly located. Thanks!|||follow the spark plug wires to the top of the engine, are under the rubber plug cover.|||THEYRE ON THE ENGINE BLOCK AT THE TOP LOL

I need a mechanic in michigan that will work on my 97 arctic cat monte carlo jet ski won't start?

so try the phone book or here on yahoo local and look under boat repair or jet ski

Why does my 98 arctic cat powder special EFI 600 backfire after i start it up? I have no power at all.?

That could be many things but I first would try new spark plugs and be sure to use the right plugs for the engine. It also could be a timing problem if anyone has pulled the stator plate. Check gas lines for air bubbles. Make sure your muffler doesnt have a mouse nest in it.

What snowmobile is better for trails and sometimes of trails Arctic Cat or Ski Doo?

For the most part i ride trail, ive had all Ski Doo's and want to be sure that im not missing out|||To be honest, I have never had much luck, with Arctic Cat Snowmobiles... I have had them, since 1964, and, even then, they were not much. On the other hand, I have also had Ski-Doo Snowmobiles, since 1964, and, even though, the Arctic Cats were faster, they were no good in the deep snow. They were ok, on the trails, where they were groomed, but, once you got to where they weren't, then, they would bog down, and become stuck. Where as the old Ski-Doos, were not as fast, but, they were very good, in the deep snow, and, also where the trails were groomed as well. It seems to me, that any of the sleds that had a single cylinder engine, were better, in some respects. So, to answer your question, I would have to say... The Ski-Doo is better, for trail riding, as well as off the trail.

How do I drain the gas on an '04 arctic cat 650 v twin automatic?

I have taken the fuel line off but the fuel pump is at the top of the tank. Do I need to take the tank off or is there a way to do it with the tank on?|||If your fuel pump works just take the fuel line off of the carburetor (or whatever it goes to first, and turn the key on. The pump should pump it all out. If it only pumps a bit out, then turn the key to the start position and hold it. Other than that you can go get a gas siphoner from an auto parts store (net exactly sure on the price, but I know it's not a lot) and do it that way.|||I have no idea, you can find a manual here though. Not sure if it's free or not.

When i pull over My Arctic cat z370 it knocks but only when i pull it over what could it be?

When i pull it each time i hear it knock ever other notch in the pull cord.|||some thing trying to get out,piston or big end bearing

What could be wrong with the clutch on a 96' arctic cat ext efi deluxe if it is rattling? Is this normal?

When the sled idles the clutch rattles. Is this how they all are? Or is it the wieghts are bad?|||Rattling clutch is in need of a through go-thru, sorry!

2001 Arctic Cat ZL 800 reverse sounds like its grinding?

I have a 2001 Arctic Cat ZL 800 and the reverse seems like it is slipping and it is making an awful grinding noise when put in reverse. I was just wondering what I could do to fix this problem, whether or not it is an adjustment in the chain case or an adjustment somewhere else. Thank you for any help.|||Syncro. or gear or both can be worn. Need to dissemble and check it out.

How do I check the coil or/and kill switch on my '91 Arctic Cat prowler snowmobile?

I am not getting a spark from my plugs, people are telling me to check the coil, what is the best way to do that?|||Maybe you should check the category next time

How do you change the tires on the Power Wheels Arctic Cat jeep?

My little brother has that truck and he drives it EVERYWHERE!!! Well for about 2 1/2 months his tires have been splitting and now we need ew tires. We bought the new tires and they should come in by Wednesday. but we don't know how to change them. Does anyone know hw? Please i need ur help!

Best answer gets ten points.|||Shouldn't be too hard. Look now at the tires - probably a "cap" type "nut" that is pushed on the end of a rod that holds the tire on. These are a one time use. Use plyers or something to pull the cap off. The tire will slide right off. Slide a new one one. Then hammer (lightly) a new cap on the end of the rod.

Hopefully a new cap will come with the tires. If not, you local hardware store probably sells them - pretty cheap.|||BEST ANSWER

I just got a Arctic Cat Kitty cat, the 60cc 2 stroke, what is the fuel mixture for this sled?

30 to 1 gas to oil mixture|||Not exactly sure but it should have an 2 cycle oil tank will mix it automatically

In Happy Pets, I have a Sparkly Arctic cat and now all of my pets are sparkly, is it a glitch?

My friend gave me a Sparkly Arctic cat through pet trader and after a few days I realized that all of my pets in that room became sparkly... Is this a glitch or something that sparkly pets do?|||I don't know anything from that game, but if it's anything like shiny pokemon, wouldn't that be good?|||NO its NOTHING like pokemon, anyway, I figured it out already, it was a glitch. I'm glad it was, the sparkles kept slowing down my computer and I didnt want sparkly pets.

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How do i hook up a VDO xtreme tach on a Arctic Cat Thundercat engine?

It is just the engine on a custom ATV drag frame, used on sand, in 100 yards it goes 3.9 seconds at 82 miles per hour|||If it's an automotive tach, you'll probably have to get a sensor that reads off the flwheel or crank pulley(most are connected to the ign. coil and have to be configured for 4, 6, or 8 cyl). I would contact VDO. Sounds like a fun ride.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

How much oil do you put in a 2004 arctic cat 400 dvx atv?

i lost my owners manual. how much oil do you out is a 2004 arctic cat 400 dvx or and dvx's. and i got 10w30... will that work|||All i can offer you is that you call your local service centre. Or you can download the owners manual off the Internet for a small fee.|||That will work, but I would contact the service department @ your local dealer for the correct lubricant.


How do i test the coil and/or kill switch on the arctic cat snowmobile?

I have no spark and I am told to check the coil and or kill switch. What is the best way to do that?|||with a volt meter should get about 40 kv at coil and to test kill switch you need a volt meter to check conductivity to ground. or try to start hanging on to spark plug wire. Should get one heck of a jolt if not you have a coil problem or can remove plug and ground to engine and then crank to see if get a nice sharp blue spark jump across gap.

How to take the govenor off a 2007 Arctic cat 90 utility?

Does anyone know how to do this? I want to be able to make this wheeler go a little faster than only 15|||you will blow it up faster than you dial your grandmas phone number//they are very critical about the gov

My arctic cat four wheeler's battery and electrical systems don't seem to be working?

my arctic cat four wheeler's batterary and electrical systems dont seem to be working. the lights only work slightly when it's running. and the winch doesn't work at all, niether does the electric start. and no lights or anything when it is not running and the key is in the "on" position. even when the charger is on the batt, the electrical componets dont work. i put a multimeter on the battery and its fine, so are all the fuses. any suggestions?|||Bad grounding wire?

Why is my 98 arctic cat zl 500 pouring oil out of the bottom of the sled?

I just bought the sled for a good price but knew something had to be wrong with it. I got it home drained water from gas tank, lines, and carbs added new gas and it fired right up. Now i notice that the oil is just pouring out of the bottom of the sled somewhere.|||There is an oil line that comes out of the bottom of the reservoir. If the sled is leaking oil when it isn't running, the line is most likely loose or damaged somewhere along its route.

I have had this problem before on a Polaris.

If it happens only after being run, it could be the line, the seals, or a cracked block.

Make sure that it isn't actually your chain case that is leaking oil.

Is your exhaust sealed? Slight oil leakage can come from here on a 2 stoke.|||because it is broken........and since u didn't provide any useful details.....then i would guess that a seal is bad or the motor is cracked.......and ur "good price" isn't so good since u will need to buy a new motor at least.....

95 arctic cat 580 pantera snowmobile is fuel injected has spark and fuel, fouls new plugs?

ran fine so far, then went to start it. it idle rough a few seconds the killed. the battery is fully charged. we have torched the plugs. then replaced them with new plugs it is getting spark, plenty of fuel. does not have an carburator it is fuel injected.|||If it is a two stroke, check your fuel/oil mixture. If it is electronic fuel injection there is a cold start sensor that may be telling the computer to run rich and you need a book to find out how to trouble shoot that. And last but nor least you may have a “runny nose” meaning an injector(s) that do not operate properly and need cleaning.

How do you get the center bolt out of an arctic cat clutch ?

We unthreaded the bolt all the way,but it will not come out. This is the bolt on the primary clutch.|||is this a centrifugal clutch? Cover and bolt should come off as one. If an automotive type clutch their is no center bolt as the clutch floats on the trans spline.

What do I set the exhaust & intake valves at on a 2003/2004 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 FIS?

What do I set the exhaust %26amp; intake valves at on a 2003/2004 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 FIS?|||Purchase a service manual for the proper specifications and adjustment procedure.

How can I install an electric start on a 1988 Arctic Cat Cougar snowmobile?

My daughter bought this snowmoblie and neither of us are strong enough to start it with the pull cord. I would like to install an electric starter to make life easier.|||Unfortunately I dont think its possible. You would have to install a flywheel that has teeth on it for a starter to ingage, the engine would have to have a place for the starter to mount and then theres a battery and wiring. Some of the people who race snowmobiles have an electric motor that is hand help and ingaged into the crankshaft. But carrying one of those wouldnt be fun .Call a snowmobile shop and see if they can do it , but you`d be better off buying one that has electric start.|||If it didn't come with an electric starter then it probably can't be added now.

But the trick isn't the starter. You should try using STARTER-FLUID. You can get them at hardware store - usually for small engines like lawn mowers.

Also get the snow mobile "winterized" when out of season. Gasoline turns into thick varnish when left around for few months.

Good Luck.

How to adjust Speed Governor on Arctic Cat 90cc?

I do not have any paper work and I am looking to find out how to adjust the speed governor on a 2007 Arctic Cat 90cc ATV|||It uses a computerized governor.|||Use a computer.

I recently purchased a 1996 Arctic Cat Puma and want to store it for the winter. How do I trun off the carb.?

I recently purchased a 1996 Arctic Cat Puma and I want to put in storage until next winter. I do not know how to turn off the gas to allow the carburator to run dry.....or don't I have to do that!

Thanks|||crank it up run it dry

Where can I find the Arctic Cat Stickers for a 1972 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat?

I need to find the stickers. Or some stickers that are close to the original. Thanks!|||Your best bet would be eBay.鈥?/a>

I have a 1992 arctic cat jag snowmobile that wont start?

Last year it started. I tried just about everything. The lights are dim the more I pull on the cord. Any suggestions to get my snowmobile started?|||change the spark plugs, if that doesn't work put a little bit of gas in each cylinder and it should fire up. make sure your kill switch is up and your key is on too.

I have a 1994 arctic cat puma i always have to put gas down the cylinders to get it running?

i have a 1994 arctic cat puma and everytime i start it i have to put gas down the cylinders to get it running but once its warmed up it will start up fine. I didnt a fast cleaning job of the carb. Any reason for this like a fuel pump or something that will make my sled do this only when its cold|||Make sure you have fresh fuel. Sounds like the choke or primer is not working properly. Check the primer lines, might have a blockage or pinhole. Make sure compression and crank seals are good. Clean the carb properly and thoroughly - maybe by a professional. Good luck!|||Try a squirt of starting fluid on the air intake. Available at truck stops and auto parts stores. Do not inhale it, it's ether. It's very volatile, which is why it works.|||Adjust the choke. If that doesn't help, do as heidi suggested and check carb a little better. Probably a blocked passage.

HELP need answers with Arctic Cat 1979 Linx Track?

Who knows where I can find a 1979 Arctic Cat Lynx 2000t Track size and pitch or where can I find a replacement track?|||

What is the top speed of a 1989 Arctic Cat Jag 340?

I was just wondering what the top speed of a 1989 arctic cat jag is. I also would like personal opinions of this sled. Thank you|||top speed 50 - 65 depending on snow conditions

its not a bad sled dependson what u use it for.

What is the oil capacity of a 2005 arctic cat 90 dvx 4 stroke?

can anyone tell me the correct oil capacity for a 2005 arctic cat 90cc dvx 4 stroke. i have the owners manual, but it just gived recommended oil weight. thanks|||best would be to call your local dealer, if not in owners manual. Check index under capacities.

Would a 1986 el tigre arctic cat be considered rare?

I have a 86 el tigre acrtic cat 6000 with a 530 in it would that be rare? Its in nice condition.|||Nope , just an old cat , but it is rare that it still runs.

What is the best boom and sprayer for an arctic Cat ATV.?

What is a good economical boom and sprayer that will fit a Arctic Cat ATV? I look on the web but the Arctic Cats type sprayers are kind of expensive. Can anyone help?|||Well, they do not have to be ATV brand specific of course. Just so you can mount it on the rear rack

I have mine on a Polaris. But have also loaned it to Honda owners. Mine uses a basic connection attached to a 12v supply (I installed the connector) on the unit. I bought it from a “Farm and Home” supply store. Was about $250.

Does seem the dealers want a lot more for them. But no need to pay much more.

Which is the best over all a Honda Rincon, Yamaha Grizzly, Arctic Cat?

I have decided to purchase a four wheeler and I am stuck. I cant decide between the Honda Rincon, Yamaha Grizzly or the Arctic Cat. I want a bike with at least a 650cc engine.|||I'd take the Honda first my main reason for this is dependability and ease of finding new parts. Second is the Yamaha. I don't believe I'd buy an Artic Cat. I've always had extremely good service from Honda, their reliability is excellent. I've had my Honda Rancher for 2 years now and haven't had a single problem. I had another Rancher before this one that I'd had for 6 years and never had a problem with it. If you're looking for better pulling power and just better flat out power I'd take the Honda. The Yamaha may be a little faster but the Honda is better at strength.|||Hondas have the best quality control. But in this case -

Yamaha - Honda - Arctic Cat

In that order.

How fast can the new 2010 arctic cat prowler go?

I was thinking in investing in a 2010 arcitc cat prowler 700cc. I was just wondering, does anyone know what top speed it can reach?|||An arctic cat is not an investment! The value of that machine is going to go down by at least half in two years. Check out kelly blue book retail and trade in values, they speak for themselves.

Im having problems with my 74' arctic cat and don't know that to do?

I have a 1974 Arctic Cat panther with a stuck primary clutch.

Should I just try to unstick it by riding it or what can I do?|||Check the spring in the primary clutch. If it is too tight try finding a loonger one with more flexability. I had the same problem with my chaperrel

Arctic cat snowmobile handle Bar riser Blocks?

I am looking to put a handle bar riser block on my 2008 arctic cat f5. I have been told that i can get a 4in block in it? Is that right?|||You can get a 10'' riser you just have to make your lines ( brakes, gas, choke lines) longer then they will fit. the factory gives you some play with the cables most of the time.

Where can I purchase an exhaust and jetkit for my 2007 arctic cat 500 4x4? I have looked everywhere that I kn

Where can I purchase an exhaust and jetkit for my 2007 arctic cat 500 4x4? I have looked everywhere that I knOW OF|||DynoJet offers a jet kit for you machine.鈥?/a>

JCWhitney offers an exhaust, but some welding is required.

Supertrapp came out with a performance slip on for your model.

Look up their web site and call them - it might not be listed in their catalog yet.

What would win in a race an arctic cat 250 or a recon 250?

im the arctic cat and im just wondering which would win i always keep up with recon but never races.|||if both vehicles are stock then my guess would be it depends on the rider or which vehicle is tuned better. air to fuel mixture etc.

Whats the top speed of an Arctic Cat 700 EFI?

I was just wondering what the top speed was, I have gotten to 60, but I didn't have any more road to drive on. Also, I have jumped it three feet, are they good for jumping, for a utility sport? What do you guys think about Arctic Cat brand?|||You should get 80,and they are ok but not the best...

Are there gps systems for arctic cat snowmobiles?

I need a gps for my arctic cat Z370.I want it to have all the trails on it!|||There are some say suitable for motorcycles and some say off Road. Take a look at the comparisons on|||Although I'm not aware of any specifically designed for snowmobiles, most handheld receivers should meet your a point.

Garmin and magellan make the most popular handheld receivers, and they do offer an optional handlebar mount as an accessory. The mount is pretty universal and should work on your snowmobile, but I'd measure the diameter of your handlebar where you plan to mount it to be sure.

The biggest challenge is having the trails you want on the device. Most devices (including all garmin and magellan receivers) require you to purchase extra software to view topo maps on your GPS, and the trails you want may not necessarily be on that software. If the trail is not on the USGS map that the software used for it's scans, it won't be on the GPS map either. Garmin does have a 'map viewer' on it's site so you can see what the map will look like. Simply zoom in on the area you'll be going to.

Magellan is in the process of launching a new device called the 'triton' that uses National Geographic and Mountain Dynamic maps...the most accurate maps available, but also the most expensive. Since it's brand new, there aren't as many accessories, but they'll come with time.|||Depends on where you live. I used to work for a major mapping/gps company and most of the trail systems were an additional purchase or software upgrade (they always find a way to get more money out of you.) Currently I work as a surveyor and we are creating trail maps and 3d models for some state and national parks so they are not for public sale as of yet. Best suggestion would be to contact gps manufacturer and/or search for the area you will be sledding.

How do i make a 2008 Arctic Cat 90cc atv faster?

Do anyone know how to make a 2008 Arctic Cat 90cc faster? It goes 17 mph.|||There is a throttle lever restrictor (prevents the thumb throttle from moving fully).

The screw is on the right side of the throttle housing (at the right handlebar grip).

Loosen the lock nut and turn the screw out as far as possible - then tighten the lock nut.

What kind of oil does my Arctic Cat 700 2-stroke engine take?

I have an older 700 Arctic Cat engine out of a Wildcat I think. It's 2-stroke but it's oil injected not premix. What oil should I use?|||I had a Wildcat, WOW what a ride! Any high grade 2-cycle oil will run. Poor quality oil will foul plugs, mainly on warmer days. Use highest quality oil you can afford, preferably Artic Cat oil from dealer or the like. I've used store brands, as well as bombardier brand, and never had any issues. Fouled plugs can be your worst enemy on the trails, carry spares.

Are honda and Arctic cat ATV rims the same?

I am wanting to purchase some new tires and rims for my honda foreman 400 ATV, I have found an extremely good deal but the rims are for an arctic cat 400. Will the bolt patterns be the same or do I have to get honda specific rims?|||Yes they both have a 4/110. Assuming the wheel offsets aren't drastically different it should work fine.

How much should I ask for on my 1970 Arctic Cat Panther 440?

I am getting ready to sell my 1970 Arctic Cat Panther with a Kawasaki 440 Motor. It turns over and has spark, The only problem is that it had rust in the gas tank as well as flakes in the carb. I just got the carb back and had a carb kit put in it. I don't know a lot on old sleds, and am wondering how much I should be able to get out of it.

How fast does a 1978 Arctic Cat Jag 3000 usually go?

i have a 1978 Arctic Cat Jag 3000, no mods, and i want to know how fast it goes and i want to make it go faster, too.|||Over 9000 mph

Does anyone else have problems with their 1976 arctic cat snowmobile?

we have a old arctic cat snowmobile with problems. these problems are that once it warms up it stalls. please help.|||鈥?/a>

Arctic cat?

how do i install a plow 400 4x4 The instructions suck!|||Yea they do! It took me over 3 hrs the very first time. After doing it a few times, it became sort of 2nd nature. Take it one step at a time.

Do the simple stuff first to get rid of some parts and hardware.

--Install the frame mount to the quad.

--Put the blade together.

--Put the main plate and angle plate together.

--Install the plow blade to the main plate

--Install the springs, grab one end with vice grips and pull (they're stiff, 2 people are help full).

--Put a jack under the plow assembly to lift and mount to the quad.

Remember, take it one step at a time until you get that step completed properly.

Do the easy, simple, obvious stuff first.|||im freezing....|||go to your dealer|||You are probably going to have to visit your local dealer and take a look at one that they have installed on a display model. Depending on how helpful the dealer is--they may tell you how to do it. Some dealers won't tell you because they feel that you could be paying them to do it instead of them telling you how to do it for free. If none of this works, you will need to take it to them to put it on anyway.

Where can i find a good website for arctic cat parts?

i need a shock spring for the back of my 2000 arctic cat 250 2X4.Anyone have a preffered site they order from?|||This is the only one I have in my files.鈥?/a>

There are more out there, but scarce.

What type of cat is the arctic cat logo?

Arctic cat snowmobiles have a cat for there logo. I need to know what kind of cat there logo is.|||looks like a stylized cougar (puma, mountain lion).

How much is a 1996 Arctic Cat zl 440 worth?

I have a 1996 Arctic Cat zl 440 in great condition, with no scratches, and no cracks in the hood, and it runs great, how much could it be sold for?|||if i had to guess id say right around 2200-3000. maybe you can find some prices on ebay. craigslist . and maybe nada

good luck

Which is better Polaris RMK 800 155 or Arctic Cat M8 153?

I am planning on buying a new snowmobile and i don't know which one i should get. Should i get a Polaris RMK 800 155" track or a Arctic Cat M8 153" track. I don't want a Ski-Doo or a Yamaha because i don't like the way their mountain sleds look.|||Dude polaris all the way! Cats are ugly and to me they ride weird. the rmk stock has 154 horsepower. Compared to the cats 142 horsepower. rmk weighs 487. Cat 491. I think cats brake down more but thats just me.

|||1, ugly is in the eye of the beholder and you cant see it when your on it.. 2, if you work in a shop...they all break. 3, arctic cat tends to be a bit less exp for parts. 4, if your worried about 4 lbs, skip dinner. 5, hp ratings mean nothing if you cant ride.6, go rideem in terrain and conditions youll be in. 7, dont listen to anyone!! Good Luck

Speedometer on my 2006 Arctic Cat F5 is not working properly?

I just bought a 2006 Arctic Cat F5. The speedometer and the odometer do not work, but the RPM gauge is working properly and so is the hour gauge. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so how do I fix it?|||The sensor may have come unplugged or is bad. Unplug it by the gearcase and check the ohm reading as the track turns. It should show a pulse which will increase as speed increases.

Why do I have to Pump The Brakes on my 2001 Arctic Cat 500 4x4?

I have a 2001 Arctic Cat 500 4x4 Auto,

Every time i go to break i have no Brake pressure and I have to pump the brakes 6 times to get them to stop.

Why is this?

How can I fix it?

Thanks|||Either you have air in the brake lines, or the master cylinder is leaking past the piston...does the master cylinder keep losing fluid? You may also have a bad slave cylinder or broken brake line somewhere...

What is the top speed of an Arctic Cat 700 EFI?

I was just wondering what the top speed was, I have gotten to 60, but I didn't have any more road to drive on. Also, I have jumped it three feet, are they good for jumping, for a utility sport? What do you guys think about Arctic Cat brand?

1 minute ago - 3 days left to answer.|||If you wanted to go fast and do jumps why didn't you get a sports quad? The AC 700 is a utility quad meant to do many things. Yes it can get up and move, do little jumps here and there, but nothing like a sport quad. As for the Arctic Cat brand, their no bad a bit pricey.|||The Arctic Cat 700 uses the exact same engine as the Suzuki King Quad 700

You can get the Suzuki for almost $2000 cheaper, here the King Quad is selling new for $5995

How can I bleed the brakes on my 2001 Arctic Cat 500 4x4?

I have a 2001 Arctic Cat and I can't figure out how to bleed the brakes.

It has 3 total brakes on the machine.

It has 2 discs on the front and 1 disc on the back.

Where is the bleed nipple?

Do I have to add more fluid after i bleed the brakes?|||The bleeder valves will be on the brake calipers them selves. You need to keep the master cylinders filled at all times while bleeding the brakes and top them off when your done. It sounds like you could use some help from a friend who has bled brakes before

What size is the track on an 96 Arctic cat 550 cougar?

I dont have the oweners manual for my arctic cat 550 and its time for a new track. Also are there any sites that I should look at to order the track aside from craigslist and ebay?|||Try here Buddy..鈥?/a>

How do you put all new clutch plates back into a arctic cat engine?

Hey, i have a 2004 Arctic cat Dvx 400 and the clutch started slipping so i bought all new clutch plates and don't know how to put them in? Can someone help me please????|||Ask a local mechanic to do it for you in his spare time,.

Arctic cat?

my Arctic Cat 1990 Cheetah (440) has a leaking chain case. we are using the right oil and have been resealing it with silicon but it still leaks. we have exammined the case for cracks and cant find any. it is leaking from the bottom and we can't get in to check it out. all we know that it is leaking from the bottom. help would be greatly appreciated|||Silicone sucks for sealing two surfaces that contain oil. In automotive I use a product called "Right Stuff". I believe it is made by Permatex. Should be available at any auto supply. Clean the area you want to seal and use this instead of silicone. Believe me-you wont be disappointed.|||The area to be sealed needs to be clean and free of oil until silicone sets drain oil and let sit until seeping stops the seal and give plenty of time for silicone to set. you can also add UV dye to oil to track leak source|||if you have already tried to properly re seal it, it is possible that it got hot and the case warped.